Why can't he learn?

The wasband called me last night. THREE times! And the last of which was at MY WORK. Oh yes he did. He insists I gave him the number and he didn't know he wasn't supposed to call me there. Um, did he miss the last several months when he wasn't supposed to call me ANYWHERE?? And riiiiiight, I gave HIM the number to my workplace. HAHAHAHA Needless to say, that call did not go well for him. And it didn't go so well for me when I had a bunch of stunned coworkers staring at me after I quietly but "firmly" told him not to bother me again and to never call my job again. I had some splainin' to do after that. I was just like, "See, whu had happened wuzzz....." When will he learn? It's really sad to me that this can't be amicable and that I feel almost forced to be rude to him. I don't like being rude to anyone but it's almost manditory with him. Sad, just sad.


Sounds like a delightful time. I'm so sorry. Praying for you sweety!
It's very sad. He obviously has a few issues...

I think "rude" isn't the word here. I think you're doing what's absolutely necessary for self-preservation.
Allison said…
Sigh. When will he learn???