Hope is a choice

One of my blogging friends had posted

a photo that she took while on a family trip.

Under neath, she had written a few lines

that resonated in me in a huge way.

I'm not going to write what she had to say underneath of it...

well, for silly reasons. I want it all for myself.

It was personal to me (and the rest of her readers lol).

Needless to say, it had something to do with


I had sent her a message letting her know

exactly why this touched me so much

and how I had saved the picture

to my phone as my wallpaper

and how every time I began to doubt

my decisions, I would look

at my phone and repeat to myself

"Hope is a choice..."

Today I received a copy of it in the mail

because she wanted to bless me with it.

It is the perfect thing to replace my

now defunct wedding picture.

Plus, it will save my printer lots of ink

from having to print out pictures of

all the dreamboats such as

Gavin Rossdale and John Mayer

to tape over Scott's face.

I can't tell you how much I love this picture.

It portrays everything that is in my heart.

Even in the middle of the desert,

God has planted a big sign that says


before the long road stretching out before me.

Hope is a choice.

Thanks Suz.


Love it! It says it all, and it improves the frame immensly!