Can't drive 55

I met a guy. It's only been a few days and he's already scaring me away. He actually seems like a decent guy and his conversation is intelligent. I mean, we're not talking double digit IQ or anything. The problem? He has dove right in and come on WAY too strong. In the first day since having my phone number, he called like four times and has texted DOZENS of times...including starting at 7:20 this morning with a "goodmorning sweetie." That in and of itself would normally set my heart aflutter, but not when I JUST met you and we haven't even had our first date yet! YIKES. When he could tell that he was freaking me out a little bit, he apologized for going so fast and "being a speeder." I replied with, "yeah, you wouldn't want to get a ticket." His response to that was "I just can't drive 55." Another one bites the dust.

Another One Bites the Dust