B'gawk in three, two, one....

I had a ROUGH day. It would have been a good day if it weren't for my wonderful, sweet flower of a daughter. The oldest one, just in case you had to wonder.

She had gone to Cleveland to go to prom with someone and came home in the FOULEST of moods. I wonder what happened that she won't tell me. She blames it on being over-tired from a weekend of prom, Cedar Point & going to the fair. Whatever it was, she was nasty all day. A stank nasty that even puts her normal stank to shame.

As usual, I didn't deal with it so good. I blew up on her (aka "b'gawk'd") at the park, in the car, in the house...you name it. She was so bad. Hence, I'm so stressed. Even more than I have been lately. I didn't need this. I pray it gets better quickly.