Moving day!

Can we talk about exhausted? Seriously, I can't remember the last time I was this tired on every level. SO much going on lately and the fever-pitch was today.

Darren came down last week to help us pack and do some heavy lifting. After sending at least 20 van loads to goodwill and filling the curb with a ton more, we busted butt until the wee hours of the morning last night to get everything sorted and packed. Honestly, if Scott didn't have so much CRAP left over, it wouldn't have taken nearly as long. But I don't know that I have ever been so relieved to say.... THAT MAN'S CRAP IS GONE GONE GONE!!! F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!! I warned him when I kicked him out to take what he was going to want or need because he was never going to see any of it again. I don't think he believed me, but GONE! *exhale*

The movers showed up today and made quick work of loading our PODS. They didn't do a very good job of tying things down and securing things, but at least I didn't have to do it and I'm praying that things show up to the new place unscathed.

You'd think that this would all be enough stress, but throw into the mix that the "can't go 55" guy has been freaking RELENTLESS. I mean incredibly forward, bordering on obnoxiously intrusive. I will spare you all the ugly details (at least for now), but suffice it to say that now that I'm out of my house and he doesn't know where I live, he isn't going to be getting his calls answered ever again. And I plan to get my phone number changed soon, so he really won't be getting ahold of me. It's really sad that some people take that much of a kick in the head in order to get them to go away. It would be totally different if I were giving him signals saying "come and get me big boy!", but um.... NO. Not happening.

Anyways, all the incredibly hard work we have all done in the past few weeks is being rewarded with three carefree days at a great hotel. I hopped in the pool earlier but that didn't last long because the water was coooold. The hot tub hit the spot much better with all the aching muscles I have going on. Now all of the ringers are turned off and I am going to crash as hard as I worked in the past few days. I hope sleep comes hard and heavy. I hope the kids get along. I hope there is laughter and lightening of spirits. I hope for peace. Most of all, right now I hope for these fluffy pillows.....


Enjoy your rest!