Friday Five

I know that it's not Friday yet,

but I have to work Friday...

so I figured I'd post something now. :)
  1. My trip home to Cleveland was fantastic. Probably the best trip home I've had yet. Within two hours of being in Lorain County, I had seen my Grandma, seen my brother, held my niece, been to the beach & went to see Darren. That evening I hung out with Chelli & Dewey and watched a movie. It was nice to be with people I love & who love me. Saturday, I took Darren & Amelia to Applebees and then got ready for an evening out with friends. My old friend Jerry & his daughter Melanie took me to Mon Ami Winery in Port Clinton and I had the BEST TIME I have had in as long as I can remember!! Seriously, it was a blast. They had a live band who sang a lot of oldies and then a DJ in between sets. The only way I have been able to describe it is the most kick-ass wedding reception that you've ever been to. lol It was just people drinking and dancing and smiling and laughing as far as the eye could see. To see 25 year olds dancing right along side 75 year olds who were out there breaking it down was fantastic! :) I'm hooked and I'd love to go back every Saturday night for the rest of my life. It was such a good time.
  2. I'm fixing to move. Not sure where yet...guess I should nail that down. Basically, it's spring-time and I promised the kids we'd move by now so that we'd be in a nicer house and better neighborhood by the time it's warm enough to ride bikes, etc outside and also be in a better school district for next year. So I'm starting the process of packing. Fun, fun, fun.
  3. Work is awesome. I still love my job more and more every day.
  4. The wasband is bugging me again. I need to get my phone number changed. I've decided today that I'm going to. I don't answer the phone when he calls anymore, but I'm tired of even having to ignore his calls and delete his voicemails. I changed his ringer to this horrible siren sounding thing so that it's no question when it's him calling. It'd be kind of funny if it weren't so exasperating.
  5. Did anyone watch the Biggest Loser finale??? I CAN'T BELIEVE that Helen won! I was so disappointed. Yeah, she won fair and square, but BOOOOOO!!! And HOLY CRAP did anyone see how freakin' delicious Sione was??? Man, he is a pretty mutha!!