Miss prim and proper

Today Maddie had to go for her yearly physical (don't you love the fashion statement she's rocking?). Ever since having to step out of the room and hearing that the doctor had to do a "thorough" exam of all the pieces parts, Amelia has been FREAKING OUT! She is so prim, proper and modest that doesn't even like ME to see her in her underwear--fuggedabout the doctor! For hours now she has been pouting and on the verge of tears about the fact that she has to go for her physical next week. She keeps yelling, "IT'S GROSS!" and "I'm uncomfortable! I don't want to go!". I feel bad for her, but on the other hand it's kind of funny...and I'm pretty grateful that there are still girls left in the world who are modest!


Allison said…
Hold on to that modesty while it lasts!!! lol