Catch-up blog

Before I can get into any of the real life stuff--

Me, the not-an-animal-person-person let the girls take in a stray cat the other day that was hanging around our house. She really is a pretty cat and very cuddly. We plan to get her shots and everything soon. The problem is--she’s now in heat! *sigh* She is making my life miserable!!! The noise that comes out of that creature is so constant and irritating! And she will do anything to get near a window or door. ANYTHING! Get this, she even OPENED my bedroom door last night! She was scratching and pawing at the door and moaning to get in (the patio door is in my room) and then I heard her get up on the door and start playing with the knob! AND IT OPENED! She immediately ran towards the door. She just sits there staring at me and meowing like she’s begging for help. I told her, "Honey I KNOW how miserable it is to want to get laid and can’t! You’re preaching to the choir here sister--but I got nothing for you." lol I told Scott we need to get her some catnip or something to calm her butt down! I was thinking, "We need to get you hiiiigh today Craig!" lol

On other notes...

Countrywide FINALLY agreed to cancel the sale of my house that is supposed to happen tomorrow morning. They tried to jerk me around a little bit more and continue to give me a hard time in the process though. They even tried to DOUBLE the amount of money that they told me to have available and said that if I couldn’t send them x-amount of dollars by close of business that they would go ahead with the sale. I am normally calm, cool, collected and professional on the phone with them, but that day I FREAKED OUT! I was yelling and screaming, ranting and name it! I reminded them of the terms "predatory lending" and the fact that their company was already all over the news. I told them that I had every piece of evidence to support the fact that they had acted shady and underhanded to try and steal my property out from underneath of me and if they didn’t get me some results NOW that I was calling the attorney general’s office and every news source I could get my hands on. It was amazing that they magically got my mysterious negotiator on the phone! The one that they couldn’t get ahold of for SIX MONTHS. The lady got on the phone and had the nerve to tell me that they had cancelled the negotiation that morning because I was inaccessible and no one had been able to get ahold of me for months! I screamed at her that I had been making DAILY phone calls to them and if she even TRIED to stick to that story that I would have every phone record I could find subpoenaed!! That’s when she said, "Well if we agree to go ahead with this we are going to need xxx dollars by close of business today" (which was double what I was supposed to have). I went off on her again and she finally agreed to take the original amount. I western unioned it to her within minutes.

I called them on Monday to make sure the sale was cancelled and they assured me it was and I was thrilled! Praise God--he is never late! :) Well, this morning I had a little revisit of the panic and had to go back into prayer mode because do you know that this shady mortgage company STILL wasn’t done playing with me! I noticed on the sheriff’s web page last night that it didn’t say "cancelled" next to my home’s sale. So this morning I called the actual attorney handling the sale for countrywide instead of calling countrywide themselves. The attorney said, "by law they have to notify us whenever there is money paid which they did, but then they also have to send us a formal request to cancel the sale--which they have not and I don’t know what is taking them so long. Now it’s too late in your county to cancel the sale." WHAT??? I was furious! So I called back a little while ago and the same attorney told me, "we finally got the request, but it is now too late to cancel your sale. What we have to do instead is actually go to the sale and vacate it. That means that we actually buy your home at the sale. You can breathe easy either way, it’s just a good thing you called when you did." I cannot believe the underhandedness of this company! Even down to the very last minute they were trying desperately to steal this property! I’m only one person---how many countless individuals have they done this to? But either way, my God has come through for me! :) PRAISE! PRAISE! PRAISE! He is never late, but I wish he didn’t like to wait till the last minute also! lol

Other than that, not much else going on here. Beside the gato de diablo (DEVIL CAT!). :) I have to get ready for work now--fun fun! :)