Emma quote of the day

"That tinkerbell's fat."

"I think she's kind of awesome."

"Eww, why?

"Because it shows that pretty, sexy girls don't just have to be skinny."

"Eww, yes they do. I think she's ugly! But when Tinkerbell is skinny I think she's pretty."

"[joking of course] You are feeding into the machine!!! You work for the man!!!!"

"I don't work for the man--I don't even LIKE boys!!!"



Allison said…
"I don't even like boys!" Priceless. Too bad you know that won't last... lol
Rita keeping our babies babies said…
LOL! Funny the things our babies minds come up with....keep the shotgun loaded and near the door, buy a huge whistle keep it near the phone, so when those boys come knocking just shoot, when they call whistle very loud into the phone...