So many love the summer, but I have to admit that although I'm glad not to be having the snow and cold....I'm not all that crazy about summertime. Not just because it's so hot and uncomfortable....I live from air conditioned space to air conditioned space... but because to me it's a time of change. And I haaaaate change. I know change is inevitable...blah blah blah. I still hate it. I don't like surprises. I like security. I crave the familiar and I want to know what to expect. This makes me sound kind of like the Rainman doesn't it? lol "Kmart, definitely Kmart..." Although it would be Target or Walmart in my case!

This week all of my tv shows ended for the summer. Kids have less than two weeks of school left then they're out. Which means..... that in two weeks Courtney leaves for the summer. :( Then a month later Maddie and Emma leave for several weeks at my parents. Don't get me wrong though!!! While I LOVE having some grown-up time, it's really strange to sit in this house alone and wonder where my kids are and what they're doing and if they're ok, etc. It's a little bit tough to go through.

In other words, this week was the beginning of the total upheaval of my life. For me, the only thing great about the summer is being able to sleep in and THE FLIP FLOPS!!! :) I know I'll be fine...I always am...but I can't wait for fall!!! Fall brings back my stability and predictability....just the way I like it.