Happy dating anniversary to my wonderful husband

Tonight is the one-year anniversary of the night that I found Scott. I wanted to celebrate the wonderfulness that is him by dedicating a blog to that night and then that journey.....

Apr 30, 2006 11:51 PM :

Hi, Did you ever go to Elyria High School? Because you look like a Scott that I went out with for a little bit...long ago. :) If you're him drop me a line... I'd love to get caught up and say hello. ~Veronica ~


scott: hey ,,,,its me ,,,i missed u up in the hospital when my dad was there they told me that they talked to u wow it has been a long time ,,how are u ,,,what have u been up to ,,,im in a little rush here right now just checking my mail ,,,but if u would like to chat some time ,,,my yahoo is( thinking_bad_things@yahoo.com)im invisable half of the time so just try to im me ,,,,


V: Wow, it's so great to hear from you!!! :) I've thought about you so often over the years and tried a couple of times to look for you on here but never had any success. I knew the instant I saw your picture the other day. :) Yeah, I remember taking care of your dad several years ago. I asked him about his last name and you and he said "Yep, that's my son!" I almost fell over! :) My yahoo name is nursiev . I work nights 3 times a week and sleep most days but other than that I'm almost always signed in. I can't wait to talk to you. :)


Scott: i hope u have a good night at work ,,,really miss chatting with u ,,want to get back to it bad lol


Scott: im so sorry about not being around the past few days ,,i have been trying hard to get things for my new place ,,and get everything together ,,,all i have been thinking of while im doing all of this is i cant wait to see u and have things set up and readdy for when u come here,,,i miss u very very much


Scott's blog: June 4, 2006: u know its so funny over the years thinking of others that u have spent time with and how u really feel about them ,,,,but u really dont know till they are gone ,,,in my case now it isnt a break up but the feeling i have for this woman when i know the seconds are ticking down, i hurt ,,,i use to have the same feelings when i was 16 and i use to get in so much trouble just to spend time with her ,,,now we are older and i keep on thinking about who i hurt because i never opened myself up to anyone or trusted them ,,,that wall we all have when we meet someone ,,in this case though the wall isnt there and god love hurts so bad ,,she left to go home on a 200 mile trip an hour ago and i feel so out of place ,,,my new home feels so empty ,,life feels gone ,,,all i can think about is being in her grace again,,,to know the words we speak to each other are the truth and that i know who she is ,,,makes this so hard to be away from her ,,,i love u veronica


Scott's blog: it has been a few hours now i started to fall a sleep and woke up to not finding her ,,,how odd is that,,my god we spend a few moments with each other and i feel like she belongs with me so much im ready to cry when i cant touch her,,,how am i going to last a month without her


Scott's comment on v's myspace: June 25th:

It's amazing how I feel when I'm around you, How my heart pounds when you come into a room. I look at you and think: My God! How lovely! And everything I am bursts into bloom. I feel as though you must, you must be mine, Not as a possession but a goal, Something almost unimaginable: The free devotion of another soul. As though I were about to enter heaven Or just within the hour condemned to die, My mind with one fierce thought keeps running over, With you, and only you, the reason why.


8/25/2006 2:25 AM:

The curve of your hips Is stuck in my mind The taste of your lips So sweet that I find Myself lost in the thought Of our next embrace I see now I'm caught Without even a chase I love your dark eyes, And your curly hair, I love your smile, And the way that you care. I love your deep kisses, I love your soft touch, I love you, I love you, I love you so much. scott


Oct 30, 2006 9:00 AM: cant wait to be wearing my ring and calling u wife


And the rest is history......... xoxoxoxoxo