I've been tagged

I was tagged for one of those "seven random things about you" memes. And since my aim is and has always been to honestly reflect who I am and not who I would like to be or even who I should be, here goes....

1. I just counted 17 bottles of misc. shampoos and body washes in my shower! I used to throw the almost-gone ones away when i got new ones and would find them pulled out of the trash and back in the shower (!!!??? I know, right??) So then I would put the new ones in the closet until the almost-gone ones were totoally gone and people wouldn't have that either. They'd put the new ones in there and start using those and leave the old ones there too. I got tired of fighting with people and just started letting it happen and now it's totally out of control.

2. I'm already eye-balling a sweet set of dentures and I'm only 34! After my most recent bout with the dentist I'm so fed up. I could've given myself and all four of my children ivy-league educations with the amount already invested in my mouth combined with what I still have to have done!

3. I inherited a really dumb "thing" about red drinks from Joleen (she's the one who put the obsession in my head all those years ago!) As I'm drinking anything red I'm dreading what that dye what must be doing to my insides....I know...dumb. lol

4. I have only one TRUE phobia.... WHALES (and the deep, dark water that goes with them). I know I've mentioned this before, but it's weird enough that it's worth mentioning again! lol They FREAK ME OUT!!! Today I had a dream (for the first time since I was little!) of being submerged in this deep dark water and panicking. Not cool.

5. Although it's not a phobia, I have a sincere and deep dislike of all paper, paper products and the very wood they came from! Insane...I own it and I know. lol Although if it's shiny paper or wood that's been shelacked it's all good. lol (welcome to my world! lol)

6. I can be such a sarcastic smart-a**...how did I marry someone who takes things so personally????

7. I just "sleepy-shopped" a Time-life "the best of soft rock" cd collection at 4:00 in the morning! I guess I'll remember this moment in about 2 weeks when it shows up! lol