My little women

As life sputters back to a slow but somewhat peaceful start again I've become grateful for the little pleasures. I used to take those for granted...I didn't realize I was taking them for granted at the time, but I guess I was. It first hit me that I might not have been paying full attention to the little things when Madelaine came into my room yesterday to tell me that she was ready for her school concert and it hit me how grown up she was getting. She was beautiful. I saw her with whole new eyes. Usually she's my little tom-boy dressed in her shin-guards and cleats, hair in a ponytail, etc. But tonight she had a solo in her concert and Courtney had done her hair because she wanted to be the pretty one.....and boy was she. I snapped this quick picture with my phone (which takes crap pictures) and it in no way does her justice, but I just wanted to share with you all one of the little things in my world right now...... one of my little girls is becoming one of my little women. I guess that's not so small after all, is it?