Your lips are moving, you must be lying....

I may have some shortcomings,
but I'm actually not a bad person.

Like when I finally even drove across 
town to take Scott Martinez his stuff, 
including his phone,
even after telling him what an asshole 
he is for soliciting the company of
more than four dozen posters from Craigslist since getting back together 
with me. 
Yes, you read that right. 
Maybe you should read it again just
to let it sink in.


And that doesn't even count the girls
he was merely chatting & emailing with.
These were strictly the women & men 
he was soliciting for sex on the Internet.

Anyways, I took his stuff back to him.

Know what he does as soon as he gets his phone back?

Proceeds to use that phone to blow up my phone with no less than twenty texts, telling me basically what a piece of shit I am, blah blah blah. 

When I wouldn't respond or participate, he then began calling me. 

No sir.
I told you to lose my number.
Not planning to ever talk to him again.

He capped it off with a sappy "I'm sorry" voicemail. 
Which, was nice and a long-time coming.

But I am hard-pressed to believe him.

Would you?

I didn't think so.


Nope, men like him are not worth trusting. He already had his second chance, time for him to go. You are worthy of something better.