Before and after....

This was my palm tree before my landscaper got his hands on it.

He said he just planned to remove 
"A little from the bottom that needed taken off."

When I got home, this is what I found...


I was NOT happy, to say the least.

He was already doing it for free because he had not shown
up when he was supposed to.
So I couldn't ask for my money back.

Short of gluing everything back on,
there is really nothing I could do
besides sit and stare.


Our whole backyard looks bare now!

Can we just start a new week already? LOL
Because I tell you,
sometimes all you can do is sit back and laugh!

Oh! AND.., I have pericarditis again.

Cut it out already!!!!

I love you Lord,
thank you for being so good to me.
I'm glad that through it all,
I can still see how amazing my life still is,
and that I know it will still continue to get even better.
And thank you for forgiveness and mercy...
from you and from others toward me (more on that later).



Allison said…
NO!!!!!!!! He killed your beautiful palm tree!!!!!!