The more things change, the more they stay the same...

Never, EVER, again.

After learning a few things about his disloyal ways this week, 
Scott is OUT of here.
Here is some of what I had to say...

"You know what, I have my issues & I'm not perfect. But at least I can hold my head high & say that I walk in integrity. You can't. You betray people. Whether its by cheating, contemplating cheating, lying, flirting with other women...or men, withholding information, withholding affection , abandoning your partner, being selfish, talking crap behind your partners back, ignoring their phone calls, or whatever other myriad of ways you can think of to be disloyal. You can pull the wool over most people's eyes with witty stories or anecdotes, or being charming. But if they  actually open their hearts up to you & try to invest their lives in you, you poison them. I can say that I loved you better. I am flawed. But I am loyal. I am dedicated to figuring it out. I would rather die than cheat on someone. Or betray them. Betraying people is like breathing to you. I have too much self-respect to let you do that to me anymore. Kim & I are the only ones who probably knew you the best & stuck by you the most. Why don't you show some loyalty for once & quit being a jerk."

Kudos to you Kim...
you did it longer than I could.
I'm glad you're happy now.

lurve you, xoxo v.