Bedroom redo....

I'm in the process of redoing my bedroom.
I've been in an orange & navy blue mood lately.
Geometric patterns.
I have a vibe in my mind,
hopefully it will all come together in the end
like I want it to.

I wasn't patient enough to wait for good lighting.

I still have some things to do.
Like get some new night stands.

And recover that little stool.

And see that little picture up on that wall?
That's an 11x14!
I thought it would be so much bigger and it is dwarfed on that wall!

So, I need a much larger picture or something for that wall.

I would hang this print over there,
But then I would have nothing to hang over by the floor mirror.
Plus, I think that would be a lot of navy happening in one small area.

It's all coming together though.


So, last night I threw a picture frame up in that troubled area that I meant for another area,
and I think it looks much better.  Don't you?

Once again, don't mind the lighting and I know things aren't perfect,
but I think that looks much better than the other frame
(which I moved over to the left wall).

Eventually that left wall will have a chest of drawers or something there.



Allison said…
I love the orange :)