The last word....

I received this text a little while ago.  I can be peaceful with this.  "I'm sorry" and a little bit of insight is all I really ever wanted.  I just hope he leaves it at this.

"I'm a person with some serious issues. In most ways I used you in hopes of a better future. Just like I used Kim. I'm lost. I've been lost for so long and I have reached out for help. Life preservers can better define it. It was sincere in intent but evil in reality. My life has been nothing but self preservation. That's all I have.  I should have warned you better, i should have stopped it before it started. I should have stuck to being alone. I am so sorry I betrayed your trust. I am so sorry I lied to you and hurt your core. I'm so sorry that your children are affected.  I'm very sorry Veronica.  I hope you find everything beautiful and wonderful and special that should be in your life."

~~ Okay, that wasn't it. Let the drunk appearing, incoherent texts begin. *sigh*

~~Okay, I also lied about having peace. Maybe someday, maybe soon. But not yet. At first I did. But the pain is starting to sink in. The tears are starting to come. That is painful. There aren't many people in this world that I hate, and I'm sure that I don't hate him either, but at this moment in time I really hate him. Anger is merely hurt unresolved (you told me that once upon a time). And I have a ton of unresolved hurt right now.  Goodbye Martinez.  Forever.

lurve you, xoxo v.