To my Soapie Soap Soap Soap Soap on her birthday day!!! :)

How do I love my Soapie? Oh, let me count the ways! In honor of Allison's birthday, I have decided to repost one of my very first blogs ever written. It was a two-part series titled, "Hey Soapie! Do you remember this?" :)


Allison is my oldest friend! We've shared so much together it's not even funny! Well, actually most of it is pretty funny looking back at it now! LOL We call each other "Soap".... don't ask! You won't understand anyways. This post is primarily for her..... I'm just gonna throw out some words, thoughts and phrases and see if they ring any bells. Feel free to add to the list Soapie!!! haha

John Algarin, "Round Up Sunday", I Love Lucy, My crush on Mr. Crabtree and yours on Wayne Spears (Mr. C. is still married & Wayne's rotting in prison... what's that say about us??? lol), exchangeable notebooks, "Allison Noel you get right back up there and wash that crap off of your face!!!!!", Ricky racoon and Terry bear, my green radio and pink phone, "BRAT!", Maziar Never-fart, SHUT UP MEGAN!!!!!!, belching"LUUUUUUUKCUUUUUUS", your mom pinching my butt! ('chicken butt!'), koolats and jean skirts, "Edy & Kevin 4-ever", layered and feathered hair, then.... curly perms, hot rollers and curling irons... i have 2 words for you: AQUA NET (ahhh the 80's!), "EWWWWWW!!! WHAT'S HE GONNA DO WITH THAT!?!?!?!?!" , but-ump-bump, and yes....I take full blame and responsibility for it and am here to publicly apologize to you my wonderful soapie-soap!!!! .... I kissed Wayne Spears in the basement of the Hearns house when we were babysitting on Valentines Day, 1987 when I knew that you were crazy in love with him!!!! Horrible, horrible, horrible thing to do!!! LOL And I admit that I didn't stop even after I heard you stomp over and turn on the vacuum cleaner because you used to clean when you were angry!!! LOL All I can say is... he walked to drug mart and bought me a can of aqua net for valentines day.... he had my heart!!! HAHAHA (at least for a couple of days till I totally dumped him cause I never wanted to hurt my Soap! Not to mention the fact that he was a HORRIBLE kisser!!!Short-thick-tongue going twenty miles a min inside of your finesse whatsoever! lol).

All I can say is... what if I had never met you? I'm so grateful that I did friend!

10-26-05 Hey Soapie, part 2….

This started out as a response to a comment on my blog but was way too long. LOL So I figured that maybe I wasn't done here! :)

Hey Soapie... how about me ditching your friend (... but he didn't like me either!! lol) at Cedar Point to hang out with Ross all day (whom I ADORE by the way, and he ended up taking me to my senior homecoming dace lol), the stupid airplanes that never stopped flying over your stupid apartment!, "Dude! forget lookin at couldn't catch a duck!", "There's aaaaalways [the evil one]..." (ewwwww! lol), being the maid of honor in my wedding and making me change all the colors because you didn't like the way your dress fit and you wanted to wear another one LOL, RUSTY (enough said about that one!!!!), your "april tree" because you didn't feel like taking your Christmas tree down LOL, FRED, David and the Giants, WZLE, holding our tape recorder up to the speaker of the stereo and pausing/unpausing so we could record our favorite songs, passing notes in church, getting busted passing notes in church, Veronica and John 4ever, Veronica and Hank 4ever, Veronica and Keith 4ever, Veronica and Dale 4ever, Veronica and Randy 4ever hahaha, BRACES, me walking around Sea World with only one shoe all day because one of the boys stole the other one, "Jeff from the thumb of Michigan" (do you remember him? Cedar Point...worked the log ride... let us stay on and ride forever), you throwing me my one and only sweet sixteen party, me worried sick about you because your mom was in a car accident and you hit your head on the hatchback and kept passing out in the shower, your parents divorce, you moving all the way to Brookpark , being my maid of honor even though you didn't really believe I was doing the right thing, you driving four hours just to be with me when I saw the evil one for the first time in court, getting flowers from you on my 30th birthday because I was alone and you missed me (still to this day the only flowers I've ever had delivered to me), Pastors funeral. What touches my heart is how deeply ingrained in my life you have been even when there has been a little distance and even when I try to start out with all of the funny thoughts of you it always progresses to the sweet and tear-provoking thoughts.

Through all of my posts in the last week I know that the prevailing theme has been friendship and it's only now that I see exactly what God's been doing in me this week. This is a full-circle moment for me right now because I can see that in order for me to start again, he is taking me back to where I began. I always thought we had rough childhoods, and we did. But as I sit here with tears rolling down my face my heart feels like it's going to explode out of my chest because I am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude. I can look back and see how the Lord used our beautiful foundation with HIM first and then he reached down and brought two young girls together and helped them build a beautiful foundation to base all of their future relationships on. Together we learned how to be women and we also learned how to be friends.... not just to each other but to everyone else that would come into our lives. We took two very different paths, but yet here we are... still learning from each other and growing together.



1. Your grace under fire! I might have strength under fire, but you have the grace!

2. How much you love animals. As much as I always hate to admit it, I don't possess that quality. But you do...and it's awesome to watch. I've learned alot from you by watching your relationships with your animals.

3. Your singing voice! Loved it when I was 12, love it now!

4. That you can come up with some INSANE food/dessert concoctions! And you can talk about them with such enthusiasm, it makes other people want to go try them too! Like that ridiculous peanut butter and orange float whatever it was? lol

5. That you are so much like me in that God made us both "idea people." We have come up with some AMAZING ideas over the years! Like starting our own candle can still happen!

6. That you haven't given up on me moving to Dayton to be closer to you. :) It's nice to be loved!

7. That you actively seek to love God more. You have inspired me and taught me over and over again.

8. That we still call each other "Soap" after twenty years! lol It had the most retarded beginning, but the nickname stuck! As I sit here wearing my "Soaps Rule!" t-shirt, I smile thinking of the day I first met you. It is forever burned in my mind, and only sitting here now looking back, do I wonder how God must have been smiling. He divinely placed me in that church with you! And he must have been giggling to himself thinking about the stupid things we would do and the stupid nicknames we would call each other!

9. God couldn't have made two more different girls, who would go in such different paths in their lives! In some areas we are as opposite as night and day...and in some others we are like twin spirits. I understand you, and I enjoy you. You are the most loving and loyal of friends and every single day, I am still grateful to know you.

10. Most of all, I love that after 22 years of friendship, you still "get" me. Even on my worst days, I can trust you to know my heart and still love me. And I love you too! To the moon and back! I hope you have the best birthday day ever!