These are a few of my favorite things

Because all the cool kids were doing it, I just couldn't stand up to the peer pressure any more! :) Here are some of my favorite things....

hot tea

meals with girlfriends that go on and on and on

a baby's laugh

clean, crisp sheets



a man wearing cologne

the hairline on the back of a man's neck fresh after a haircut



reading blogs that make me laugh

talking to funny, quick-witted people who make me laugh

dark red lipstick

marching bands


standing in front of the fan after a shower

days off

pajama pants

when my hair looks good

the sound of a fan while I'm sleeping

big band/jazz music

wild flowers



orange roses

icons & clipart

the 1940's

to see my girls laughing together

to see my children moved by Jesus

shabby chic

my bed (it's the best)

the beach at dusk


a cozy smelling candle

knowing I've encouraged someone

doing a good job at something

sleeping in


driving down the highway blasting music

reading something in the word that really gets me where I need it

sweet tea (no lemon)


antiques (primitive & rustic, not high-brow)


the office supply aisle

a full refrigerator (my spirit rests easier knowing my children are fed)

pictures that turn out flattering

my wedding rings (they are a symbol of something I have to work so hard at to make successful)

seeing my husband sleeping (it usually means all is well in his world--inside & out)

to hear others say kind things about my kids

to see God moving in people's lives

to know that I'm DONE with something I've started