Catch-up blog

My computer is irritated at me. It's slowly realizing that the love affair we once had is now least temporarily. We used to spend leisurely afternoons cuddling together checking out myspace or gossip sites. We'd spend hours laughing together over silly emails or videos on youtube. But now it's all just a distant memory. Unfortunately, now my computer is just as bored as I am being stuck on stinky SCHOOL business all day long. :(

Yep, between my school work and the kids school work, I don't get to do much else...and that BITES!!! I want to blog! I want to read blogs! I want to check out TMZ or X17 and see what that crazy Britney is up to today! (She's hospitalized for her bipolar right now, by the way...cause I cheated and peeked!) It's not just my computer though. ALL of my electronic equipment is crying out for me. My DVR especially! It's jam-packed with all kinds of goodies waiting for me to come and watch. But no. Alas, I sit here at my desk studying about formatting papers in APA style and taking tests on predicates. Don't ask me what the heck that has to do with "Nursing Informatics" (which should be computer charting, security systems, etc.)...but I'm glad they're giving us this opportunity to brush up, because it's been a LONG time since I've written papers. I've gotten into the habit of typing how I talk. I usually type what I want, when I want, how I want...and I've gotten WAY out of practice!

Other than that, there's not much else going on in my life right now...cause I have no life right now. lol I'm still hanging onto the last remnants of cold/bronchitis. It's almost gone though. Now Scott has it...I told him not to kiss me! He wouldn't listen, and now he's as miserable as I was. It's always a contest though, because he always thinks he feels worse than I did. lol

On an upnote...drumroll please!


Yep. Everyone knows the history of my insane insomnia. Ambien has no effect on me anymore, so the doctor switched me to doxepin. NOPE. Didn't touch me. Most nights I'm going to bed at about 6 or 7 in the morning, get up at 8 to get kids off to school, snooze until about 1 or so (on and off because Scott can't stay out of the bedroom and the phone won't quit ringing) I'm constantly exhausted. WELL.... someone at work mentioned that her son used to have the same problem and he tried using melatonin (which is just a vitamin supplement). I was hesitant and thinking, if AMBIEN has no effect on me, what's a vitamin gonna do??? Another reason I was hesitant is because while looking it up online, I saw that it said if you have lupus you might not want to take it because it also helps improve your immune system. Since my immune system is already an over-achiever like me, I thought twice. Then I figured that it probably wouldn't make me much sicker than the constant fatigue and no sleep would right? So I figured I'd give it a shot.

I picked up a bottle at walmart yesterday for like 3 bucks and took one last night. WITHIN A HALF-HOUR I couldn't keep my eyes open and HAD to go to bed! So I slept from about 11 last night till about 11:30 today!!! (No doubt making up for many sleepless nights). This just all goes to reaffirm that God makes everything we need! There is something for every ailment with God's fingerprint all over it and man...let alone pharmaceutical companies...doesn't know everything!

I hope you're all doing well. I miss everyone. I'm sitting here with my WoodWick candle burning next to me (they're awesome because they sound like a crackling fire) and I'm back to my homework. (BLAH!) I wish I could go take a nap, but at least I don't have to go with my brother today to pick out Amelia's flowergirl dress for his wedding. There's a blessing in everything I suppose! :)