Pill taking for dummies

I feel like such a dork. Last night I couldn't sleep (as usual). At about 2 in the morning I frustratingly reached over on my nightstand and grabbed my sleeping pills and took one. Growing even more frustrated by the minute, I layed there for proably another 3 hours without feeling ANYTHING. Nada. Zip.

I was amazed at this since I had quit taking my Ambien entirely for several weeks and suffered through, hoping it would get better and I wouldn't have to take them anymore. No such luck. So, after getting a refill on my prescription, I have only taken a sleeping pill three times...which is amazing for me. Because it has only been THREE times, I was flabbergasted that it had already lost all effect on me whatsoever!

Until tonight when I went to take my Protonix (stomach med for reflux, ulcers)....and I realized that this was the only bottle on my nightstand. I forgot that I had stuck my Ambien in my nightstand drawer to lessen the temptation on my husband. lol Yeah, guess stomach meds wouldn't make me too sleepy would they? I feel so dumb sometimes! lol