"Your article has been accepted"


You all know how I've been wanting to get my foot in the door of the publishing world, right? So in order to do so, you need to have some "clips" to show them. Clips are samples of other places your writing has been published, so that the editor can see your style and quality, etc. I haven't been worried about getting paid for things right now, the important thing is to get your work accepted somewhere just to get the clip. It builds your portfolio.

So recently (after I finally got over the fear of putting myself out there to be judged professionally), I submitted four of my articles (3 blogs reworked and 1 new article) to a few different sites and have been waiting (somewhat impatiently) to hear back from them. Well, today I received three emails saying that my articles have been accepted and published!!! WOOHOO!! I'm still waiting for response on the fourth one. One of the emails even said "You've also earned Expert Author status"...now whether or not they say that to all their new authors? I don't know! I'm takin' it!! :)
This is so AWESOME!!