Happy Barth Day, or is it Brir Day?

Today was an AWESOME birthday if I do say so myself! :) It's exactly the kind of birthday I love....quiet and lazy!

I couldn't fall asleep till about 6 in the morning, so I slept until 2:40 in the afternoon...with barely any interruptions, which is SWEEET! :)

I was in the shower when the kids got home from school. When I got out I noticed an envelope shoved under the bathroom door, which had the card pictured above in it. Amelia made it all by herself. :) So freakin' cute! I opened my gift (YES, MY husband actually returned something of his to the store in order to have cash to buy me a gift. lol)--it was a sonic jewelry cleaner (which I have been wanting).

Next came one of my favorite parts.... I got to open ALL the windows in my house and go sit on my deck barefoot with no coat..... BECAUSE IT'S 70 DEGREES OUTSIDE!!!! Oh yeah honey! Now I know that some of you who live in say, ohhhhh California won't appreciate this as much (lol), but for that to happen on MY birthday--in JANUARY--in CLEVELAND is nearly unheard of! It's 6:00 in the evening and the windows and doors are still all open, papers are blowing off of my desk like crazy and there is a smell of freshness in here that usually doesn't happen in the middle of winter. Thank you Lord!! :) That was an awesome gift!

Scott made spaghetti for dinner (which the kids groaned about but I LOVED). After that Amelia took charge and insisted that we drink the bottle of sparkling cider that we had left over from New Years...and we had to use the "fancy glasses" from the china cabinet! She made everyone say three things that they were grateful for and then they sang "happy birthday" to me (we didn't have money for cake lol).

I had sooo many messages and posts from friends and family sending good wishes my way that I feel blessed, loved and almost overwhelmed. My whole soul is smiling! Thank you all for letting me know that I was on your mind and for sending good wishes my way. It was extremely appreciated. :)