Catch-up blog

HEY THERE!!! :) Sorry I took a week or so off. Sometimes I just need to take time to let life sink in and see what develops. So what's been going on here? Well, lets see...

Aside from a few minor glitches (mostly financially speaking), everything has been WONDERFUL. :) Seriously...really, really good. The homefront has been peaceful and happy...knock on wood! lol I always hate to let the devil know what I'm thinkin'!

Scott is still working part-time. He had a few days off because of the bad weather, but still some is better than none! :)

I started back to college yesterday. I'm really excited and anxious...but then again, I'm still only in orientation for the week. lol I might feel differently once I'm neck-deep in nursing school again!

When I got home from work tonight, there was a UPS package waiting for me. The college sent me a really nice bookbag/satchel. In it was a binder, several reference books, the books for my first course, and a new Life Application Bible! I was so excited! I was a little disappointed because it's hard-cover and it's NIV (I'm more of a King James girl).

The main reason I was excited though, was because I see it as a definite sign of God's blessing. See, when I enrolled in college the first time (way back when), I knew that it was going to be a huge challenge. Not only was school going to be tough, but I had a controlling, abusive husband who was NOT happy, and tried to make me pay for enrolling BIG TIME.

I knew that God wanted me there and I knew that he was the only one that was going to get me through. It was going to be a me-and-God journey all the way. To commemorate that, I went and bought myself a new Bible...a Life Application study bible (the same as was just sent to me). I had written in the front of it: "To Veronica from yourself...I'm so proud of you!" So receiving that Bible with my books today really tugged at my heart and reminded me that this is still a me-and-God journey...always.

I've been feeling pretty good overall. Much better since coming off the chemo! I still can't sleep well, but everything else is getting there, hopefully that will fall into line too. I know I'm probably being way too hopeful seeing as how I've been an insomniac most of m life...but a girl can hope right? :)

I finished the paperwork today for Courtney & Darren to be homeschooled. I know, right?! lol What the heck am I thinking??? Yeah, I know. But I'm tired of being fearful whenever they go to's SO DANGEROUS.

I don't have anywhere near enough patience to teach the little ones, but hopefully since C&D are older they won't need as much help. Most of it is online. They're sending us a computer and a scanner/printer/fax machine, and they have access to their teachers online or by phone all the time. They also have to participate everyday in online classes.

Darren is THRILLED about it, but Courtney is losing her excitement the more she realizes she won't be around her friends everyday. She's such a social bug, this is going to kill her! Oh well, I'm ok with that. lol I told her if she doesn't like it, then it only has to be till the end of the year. Next year she can go to vocational school, which is a better environment.

Truthfully, I'm more worried about ME than her. Having her here 24/7 might be a danger to her because she's gonna get on my nerves so bad!!! lol At least I won't have to worry about her stealing my makeup so often!

Maddie and Emma are doing awesome. They're such good girls! All of my kids are good, but they are really good. Of course, they're still young...but here's hoping it keeps up!

Basically, life is sweet! :) What have you all been up to? I miss hearing from you!!