I’m fabulous, I knew it

I've been actively doing my family tree for sometime now and it's sooo interesting! I'm really enjoying the process...that's always the kind of thing that gets me--RESEARCH. I love it. I could do it day and night and also in my sleep. I love to dig and dig and look in every little nook and cranny for the smallest hint to solve the mystery. What that all means in humanease is that I'm a natural born snoop, basically. :)

Anyways, this family tree thing has been quite fasicnating. I'm totally stuck on my one grandma and can't seem to get past her...but the whole rest of the nuts have cracked revealing LONG lines of interesting people. Most of my maternal grandpa's side come from germany/prussia. on my maternal grandma's side from england and scotland.

On my paternal grandpas side it's mainly France, Ireland and the Netherlands. I've learned a ton and am really in wonder of it. It's become like an addiction and I sit LITERALLY for hours working on this. We had found some relatives that I'm not sure if they were actual royalty, but they were more like a duke or something...anyways, we found the castle that they were born and died in and googled the name of it and there it was...the picture of OUR family castle! So neat! We did that with two of them actually. Madelaine is just as into this as I am...I can see her carrying the torch once I'm done with it.

Anwyas, on ancestry.com once you've got alot of your tree done, you can click on a link to see if you have any famous relatives...and wouldn't you know that I have a long list of them? That's right! I'm fabulous! :)

They list all of the people and tell how you're related and you can look on your chart to see where your common ancestor is. It's pretty neat. So here are my famous "cousins" lol:

Georgia O'Keefe , Marlon Brando, Theodore Roosevelt , Lou Henry Hoover, Humphrey Bogart , James Matthew Barrie (the guy who wrote peter pan), Barbara Bush, Orville Wright , Shirley Temple, Norman Rockwell , Ruby Dee, and HELLOOOOO??? ..... Audrey Hepburn (!!)

There were a few other painters, scientists, etc. in there too, but these were the cool ones! Yes everyone, don't be jealous...Audrey Hepburn is my cousin. 11th cousin, 4th removed to be exact...but there's blood there anyways! Who's counting afterall? :)