A Sunday kind of love

I deleted my blog on melancholy. That stupid depression sneaks up on me every now and then...usually just once a month (wink, wink) and gets the better of me. It might be exactly what I'm feeling at the moment but I really don't feel that it's a fair representation of who I really am and what I'm feeling all of the time... and I hate going back and reading it. It makes me feel bad, especially for those in my life who are so good to me. They haven't done me wrong...they're genuine and loving and kind... they're the ones that deserve my time, energy and attention.

Speaking of which... :)...I got to go see Tim yesterday. Every time I'm around him it only reinforces to me what an amazing, genuine person he is. He's funny, gentle, handsome and he seems like a great dad. He hates to hear me say things like that because he's so humble but it's the truth. We just relaxed and watched movies all night....and it was wonderful. Going out on the town is nice....sometimes....but there's nothing like quiet intimacy is there? I fell asleep next to him and to most people this might not sound like a big deal....but it is for me. I can never sleep with someone "in my space". But next to him I slept. ALMOST all night....WITHOUT ambien! LOL He gave me the most beautiful (natural) sleep I think I've ever had. Amazing. Okay Tim, you can stop blushing now...I'll quit. LOL He says I'm going to ruin his reputation. :)

I love the song "A Sunday Kind of Love", especially the version by Renee Olstead. Download it if you're able...it's the best (anything by her is!).

I want a Sunday Kind of Love.
A love to last, past Saturday night.
I'd like to know that it's more than love at first sight.
I need a Sunday Kind of Love...