Okay, since I apparently don't have many patient people in my life,
I went ahead and made private all of the poor-me posts that have been written lately and 
made the blog public again.

Not even the website that figures out all of my statistics for me is patient!
I get  notices from it saying,
"Warning!  Warning!  No one has visited your blog!  Something's wrong!"


All I wanted was to check out for a while and take a little vacation.

Oh well, Here I am.
lurve you, xoxo v.


RedPita said…
I'm glad you are back, I have been checking in on you and was disappointed that it was still closed. Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way <3
Allison said…
Welcome back. You were missed :)
Idgie said…
Glad your back but wish you were feeling better. Love and miss you