Messages from the other coast....

"Look how red I am!"

Geez Louise!  Did you fall asleep out there??

"Yeah :( "



"i wana candy bar!!!!!! but i DO NOT GET ONE that sucks :p"

You can't always get what you wa-ant. :)


"Would it be stupid for me to start saving money for a car?" 

"I just picked up my cap and gown :)! 

xoxo veronica


Barbara said…
Just wanted to clarify the reason A didn't get a candy bar is because they have eaten 4 packs of them since Weds!!!! and she just had a blizzard from DQ - I think they are sugarholics!!!!!! She also had a big oatmeal cake (lil debbie) tonight - after supper of course.....LOL Grandpa has to stop buying them "stuff"
veronica said…
Yeah, yeah... I know you're depriving my baby girls! ;)