I was asked a few months ago,
"What's your favorite part of Ohio?
If you could only tell me one part of Ohio to visit,
where would you tell me to go?"

I said "During the summer, along the coastline from Cleveland to say maybe Port Clinton.
Particularly Lorain County."

Because I just love where I grew up.
Just because I live somewhere else now
doesn't make me love it here any less.
Some people are all "I HATE Ohio,
can't wait to get out!"

Yeah, not me.


and am proud to be from here.
I love how green it is in the summer,
and being able to drive and see the water always makes me happy.
I love the flowers growing and the birds chirping....

Well, there's one thing that I forgot all about......


I haven't even been in Lorain County 24 hours and I am
by all of the freaking bugs!

How can I live someplace for 35 years and
forget that what the great lakes region REALLY means in the summer time
is all kinds of creepy crawlies.
(I'm gagging as I type this)

It's May Fly season.
Yeah, just in time for my visit.
And not the great big, full-grown Canadian Soldiers...
but the little tiny nasty May Flies that flood the house (literally)
every time the door is opened.
The ones that then die all over the place because they only live for a few hours.
That means there are not only bugs, but DEAD bugs all over the place...
all the time.

And as I type this,
I'm watching a spider crawl up the outside of the sliding door
and another one outside the kitchen window.
I'm also watching some bees buzz around the picnic table.

If Courtney wasn't graduating,
I would already be trying to switch my plane ticket.
That's the truth.
Ohio, you know I love ya...
but I need some Benadryl to visit you....
and some Xanax.
xoxo veronica