How big did you say his.......

Vasopressin Receptor Gene is?

Yeah, I know...
not what you expected you big bunch of perverts.

Right now I'm reading "Committed" by Elizabeth Gilbert.
It's her follow-up to
"Eat Pray Love"
from a few years ago,
which was really good.

This is about what happened after she found love in the first book
and her journey to make peace with marriage.
See, she had gone through a nasty divorce
and had sworn off marriage forever,
but then found herself in a situation where,
thanks to Homeland Security,
she HAS to get married or find her beloved banished from the 
country forever.

Because of this,
she dives into the subject/history/culture of marriage
in order to make heads & tails of it and come to peace with it.

This book has been really good for me so far, let me tell you.
It's covering a lot of the things that I hadn't even thought of,
but yet know now that I had issues with.
And it's given me a lot of peace where I had been feeling guilty
and tormenting myself needlessly.

One of the little tidbits of information though that caught my interest,
was on vasopressin receptor genes.

Do you know that they have now isolated a gene in the male DNA
that they think determines (for the most part) how faithful that man will be?
They studied men who are notorious cads and men who are notorious family men...
and all of the cads are missing the vasopressin receptor gene.

It's like it separates which men are meant to father babies vs. the men who are meant to raise babies.

Now, of course, there are always exceptions to every rule.
Men who are truly great guys can still meet someone who changes everything, etc etc.
Just like there are bad-boys who finally meet that one woman who makes them
want to trade it all in and settle down.
But for the most part,
this test is pretty accurate.
So from now on,
I want a sample of every potential suitor's DNA
so I can see what he's packing!

♥ veronica