Friday five


  1. The new guy just bumped up a couple of notches!  Know why?  HE. PLAYS. THE.PIANO.  Oh my gosh, I think I had an orgasm just typing that.  It is so hot when a guy can play the piano.
  2. We've been spending a ton of time together and I really like him.  Which, of course, makes me wonder when the other shoe is gonna drop and we'll be parting ways.  I know, I know.
  3. Everything else in life is pretty good.  Work was over-the-top stressful this week, but worked out okay (for me anyways).  There was a situation that I have never faced (especially as a manager) in 10 years.  It's a situation that you hear of, like an urban legend...a friend of a friend new this person who did this thing....well, I ended up with this "thing" happening and it was immediate crisis-mode and was all-consuming to deal with..... AND THEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN THE NEXT NIGHT!  I was in shock.  Never before and then twice in a row.  At least I'm practiced up and experienced at dealing with THAT situation now!  Hopefully never again though.
  4. I filed my taxes the other day and the refund cannot come fast enough!  Even though I never do anything wrong or anything like that, I'm always afraid I will get audited or something, which will delay my refund.  This year because they took out a TON of taxes, I am getting a crazy-big refund back.  Of course, half of it goes to my parents for helping me with moving expenses, but I originally thought that's all I would be getting.  At least now I might be able to get a new phone and maybe a new tv too (since we've had the same one since 1994 and am sure we're living on borrowed time).
  5. Ohio is getting dumped on!  A major blizzard has hit up there and my poor people are getting buried.  Sure makes me glad to be where I am!  I love my life!  Here is a picture that Darren took from his phone from the upstairs window of their house and sent to me. I know it's easy to say this from my protected ivory tower, but it doesn't look like all that much.  I mean the tires on the cars aren't even buried! ;)

♥ veronica