What I want right now...

  1. A man to have an anniversary with...that gives me tulips because he knows they're my favorite & because I carried them on our wedding day. (just read about this somewhere else and it really moved me)
  2. To have things work out for me... just ONCE.
  3. To have someone who's lap I'd love to lay my head on while I watch a movie tonight.
  4. To not feel perpetually sad lately.
  5. To wish that I didn't feel like giving up so much lately.
  6. A bank account that isn't constantly straining.
  7. A waistline that I recognize.
  8. A home that I love to live in.
  9. A church that I feel at home in.
  10. To feel comfortable and at peace in my own skin again.


Allison said…
I get it. =[