Bren, you's a dick!

Today was my first day of orientation at my new job. I was SO nervous for various reasons, but fought my nerves and chugged right along. I have to say, my day would have went wonderfully if the agency that I'm contracted through wouldn't have continued to screw up over and over and over as they have been doing. I'm not even going to launch into all of the ways...because there are oh so many. I don't know how they can run a business the way they do!

What I do know is that I discovered a few not-so-nice things about myself today...the first of which is that I'm not the nicest person (at least inside my thoughts) when faced with continual stupidity. After mentally rolling my eyes and wanting to shake a few people for irritating dumbness today, all that I kept thinking about was the ultrasound scene from Juno where Bren tells off the ultrasound tech for making a rude/stupid comment and then Juno says, "Bren, you's a dick!!! I LOVE IT!"

I don't know that I love it, but I do know that hopefully tomorrow will be better. It seems that I like the facility ok and I like my boss a lot. The people that I met on the floor seem to be decent. I am definitely worried about working in a military environment because, well, they are more strict than I'm used to in a lot of ways and plus they're much more straight-laced...and I'm, well, NOT. Hopefully I can pull it off and make them fall in love with me. I do tend to be the queen of first impressions and I think after today they like me a lot, so lets hope that continues.

I've been sent on the mission by my friends to bring them some men in uniform, so it looks like the soldiers have their missions and I have mine. I had commented to my friends the other day that I wasn't interested in the least because I have no desire for a military man. And that's still true...been there, done that. I hated the constant worry about deployment and having to move and not having a say in where we're going, etc etc. I don't want that ever again. BUT I do have to admit that after I'd been there all of a whopping, oh I don't know...10 minutes, my mind started least a little bit. By hour two, I was all over it! I only have three words for you... hot. as. balls. Man, let me tell you! To have a handsome, tanned, buff, clean-cut guy oozing testosterone standing in front of you...multiplied by EVERYWHERE YOU can imagine what that does to a girl. *wink* Made me feel like a girl of 35 again. *swoon*


Anonymous said…
You are have three least. I won't name who they are. =)

Patricia said…
Just stopping by to let you know I'm thinking of you. And, ANY eye candy that you can just look at and don't have to take home and clean up after is a good thing. Kinda like window shopping, with no intention of trying the samples or buying. It's a good thing. :)
Allison said…
Ok, laughing my head off at RL's comment!!! Ha!!

And yeah girl, you better hook a sista up!!! =]