We’re off to see the blizzard: 2008

These aren't pictures of my car because I didn't have a camera with me and it was late at night, but this is what my van looked like--if not worse when I came out of work tonight.

There was a major blizzard all evening with freezing rain and sleet that was horrible. The hospital is right on the lake, so it's usually even worse there because you have all of that nasty, wet, frozen stuff coming in off the water.

I clocked out of work 10 minutes early so that I could start scraping off my car, but I had no idea what I was in for! First of all, trying to make it to my car was a nightmare! That frozen stuff hitting you in the face is no joke! It hurts! Then, once I actually got to my car, it took me several minutes to even get my door open. It was so covered in ice that I almost couldn't get my fingers in the door handle. Once I did, I thought I might break the handle off trying to pry the door open!

After getting the car started and the defroster running, I had to hack at the ice on the windows for a solid 15 minutes to even start to make headway. I ended up chipping a little circle that I could see through and hoping I would be ok. I knew that if I got pulled over, I would TOTALLY get a ticket. lol Thank the Lord I didn't. Before leaving, I had a chuckle because one of the physicians at work came in (he has an accent, so things sound even funnier) and asked one of the nurses who was leaving how long her car had been parked outside. She said, "since 7 this morning". He responded with, "Shit. You got problems!" LOL

After taking FOREVER to get home, and traveling some horribly bad roads, I finally made it back safe and sound (thanks in no small part, I'm sure, to my fervent prayers!).

Man I can't wait for spring!!!


BritGal' Sarah said…
Man you need to move to Okieland, it was 94 here today! Stay warm