I'm scrrd!

Today was a milestone day... Courtney got her temps!!! First of all, HOW AM I THAT OLD??? lol But second of all, YIKES! :) She’s been so good since she’s been home, that I decided to offer to let her go to the license bureau after her tests today. I knew she really wanted it when she was willing to ride up there in the hooptie van that still doesn’t have a front bumper on it! lol No bumper and a license plate stuck all hillbilly-style on the front. haha You know how weeee do it! :)

There was a major run around because the only copy of her birth certificate that I could find wasn’t a certified copy and the BMV wouldn’t accept it. Court was so upset, she was like "GREAT! Now we have to drive all the way to Louisiana to get a new one!!!" haha The lady assured her that we wouldn’t have to do that, and we drove over to the court house and got a certified copy of my divorce papers that have her birthday on them. She then quickly passed her test and got her permits.

To say that she was THRILLED would be a huge understatement! She was excited and I was terrified! lol The words "be careful!" and "watch that snowbank!" came out of my mouth a few times, but overall she did really, really good. I was proud of her.

We came home and picked up the girls then headed out for a girl’s celebration evening out. We went to Best Buy to return a few things, and picked up a few more things while we were there. Got a few cd’s, a camera case and some new headphones. The best part about Best Buy though was Courtney trying to park. LOL Yeah, not good. Funny, but not good. :)

We then drove over to TGIF’s and had dinner...which took FOREVER to get there. The manager offered us free dessert because it took so long, so we enjoyed that too and got overstuffed. It was soooo good though!

After that, we went over to the mall because I wanted to find Scott a black dress shirt, and still couldn’t find one. I have looked at every store I’ve entered and haven’t been able to locate one. I never imagined it would be so hard to find a man’s long-sleeve black button-up shirt! I’m frustrated! So then after looking around, I was really proud of myself that I was able to leave without buying anything! :) We walked all over the mall and I managed to escape with only buying a few lip-glosses from Bath & Body. I think that was pretty heroic on my part. :)

Now we’re home and chillin’. I’m procrastinating ..ing my homework that I should’ve started last night. I’ve really gotta crack down and get busy, but there are so many other fun things to do! Here are some more pics from today...enjoy! :) Have a good weekend y’all!