It surprises even myself!

This just couldn't wait until tomorrow. I am sitting here at 2:15 in the morning blogging about American Idol, because I was so TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by tonight's episode! Yes, David Archuleta is still really good and will probably win. Yes, Michael Johns is still one of my faves. But I gotta tell you, over these last few weeks someone who never had my attention even the littlest bit before has got it in a big way now. I have developed such a crush on David Cook it isn't even funny!

This guy is so awesome. On first appearance, I would probably never look twice, but he's the kind of guy that sneaks up on me. And that crooked little smile he has when he's singing. Yeah. You can imagine what that does to a girl. ;)

So lets talk about tonights performance, shall we? H-O-L-Y C-R-A-P!!! This performance blew me away!! By far my favorite of the night...or of the whole season for that matter. I can't even count the ways that I loved that performance! I mean, seriously--I want to have babies with that performance! It was really, really good...and brave, and authentic. He really is the real deal to me, and I pray, pray, pray that he makes it far. He is awesome!