Peaks and valleys

Peaks and valleys. These have become my enemies. Just like this pain-in-the-butt ergonomic keyboard of Scott's....I can use it and get along with it, but I really don't like to. It doesn't come natural to me. And peaks and valleys...just like this keyboard have become a constant part of my life lately (since my computer is at best buy getting fixed). The good part least I'll get MY computer (and keyboard) fixed and back to me soon. All I can do is pray about the peaks and valleys.

What I'm talking about is a constant up and down in moods and environment. There's no consistency and I never know what I'm going to face from day to day. I CRAVE consistency. Even-keeled....that's my heart's desire. Just when I think that we're back on track after days and days (ok, weeks) of feeling disconnected....we have two whole days of amazing connectedness and I'm thinking "ok! finally! This is how it's supposed to be!"....then..... nothing. I have to fight back the tears when thinking about it. The next day he just retreats. Checks out. He says nothing's wrong. Which makes me roll my eyes because that's just another example of his dishonesty in this relationship.

It's just so unfair! It's not fair how he is. To take such liberty with other people's lives and emotions and be so consumingly self-centered. Doesn't he realize that his actions affect the both of us?? I have agreed to make my life with HIM. I'm not allowed to look elsewhere for affection or attention....and I don't want to. I want to get it from HIM. I'm not saying that my whole life should be HIM and HE should meet ALL of my needs, etc. It's like having a toothache. You aren't your are still an individual person. Your tooth doesn't meet all of your needs and your tooth isn't the only thing that gets your attention. But when there's something not right with your tooth, your whole life is out of kilter. You might even lose sleep because of your tooth. You go try to buy things to take or do to fix your tooth and will even go see a doctor as soon as possible because of your tooth. When things aren't just right between you and your mate your whole life is out of whack. Your heart hurts and something isn't right in your spirit until things get fixed. It affects everything.

I'm not asking for the world. Just some kind of predictability. I can deal with occassional highs and lows....but not every day. Let me know that you're going to love me tomorrow like you loved me today and not wonder if I'm going to get the silent treatment just because the mood strikes. I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud around here simply because I can't relax long enough to find something funny! I'm too busy walking on eggshells to see all the good stuff going on around me. This isn't what I expected and it makes me so sad.