Ten things I learned about myself this week

1. I can't stand selfish people.

2. I can't stand SMOKING even more than I can't stand selfish people (does it really not bother you to smell that bad???).

3.Maybe I DO appreciate some surprises. (Like when I got into my van this morning....you know who you are!)

4. Maybe I'll write a novel.

5.Half of a Tour of Italy fills me up just fine.

6. Maybe sometimes being straight-forward with someone can yield more results than trying to be nice to them all the time.

7. There's nothing like girlfriends.

8. I really miss having little ones....but maybe not that much.

9. I forgot how much toddlers love to sing made up songs about anything!! ("Shawnda take the milk.......")

10. Most importantly I learned (or rather I was reminded...because I ALREADY KNOW) that WOMEN ARE S-M-A-R-T!!! And it's not that guys are dumb, it's just that they're not nearly as smart as us girls and will NEVER get away with most of what they try to get away with. Why do they even try??? Those ameteurs don't know who they're up against!!