Let me help you remember

Randy said "you need to stop bad-mouthing me" when confronted about his lack of assisting with bills (100% lacking...hasn't even offered a nickel for months).

I said "what bad-mouthing?"

"I don't know...I can't really come up with anything right now...but I HAVE IT ALL PRINTED OUT....YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT."

"GOOD! Print it out!!! You can't remember what it is?? RANDY DOESN'T PAY HIS BILLS. RANDY IS IRRESPONSIBLE. RANDY DOESN'T DO RIGHT BY HIS KIDS. Any of THAT ring a bell?? I said it and I'll say it again! I STAND BY EVERYTHING THAT I'VE SAID. I'VE SAID NOTHING UNTRUE!!!!"

*cricket, cricket*

yeah, that's what I thought. Not much to say now, is there?