Sex on a stick

This is not normally the kind of blog I would ever write. But since my husband has no concept of loyalty and can't understand how bad it hurts my feelings and damages our relationship to look at other women, I decided that if that's the kind of relationship he wants then fine. I will oblige him just this once and voice the thoughts that are really going on in my least to a point.

I am watching the Justin Timberlake concert on HBO right now and I'm telling you...he is one of the sexiest mother-frickers I've ever seen. He is like sex on a stick to me. He is so comes out of his pores! YOU KNOW that any woman he's with is never wanting for any good lovin'. I think one of the things that turns me on most about him is the fact that he's talked so publicly about how hurt he was when Britney cheated on him and therefore is so monogamous it's ridiculous. Sounds very familiar to me. Loyalty is so so damn sexy to me. Too bad my own man could care less about that one very thing that really turns me on.