A nasty new "Eau de Twatlette" for you excitement-challenged fellas!!! "It is an erotic fragrance made to trigger sexual attraction and desire by mimicking the tangy aroma of va-jay-jay." To excite and entice (yourself)? To make your friends think you're actually getting some action? Ewwwww. (I can only picture my little Amelia scrunching her face up, sticking her tonuge out and waving her hand in front of her face saying "oh that's naaaasssssteeeee!" lol

Word of advice fellas...don't wear it if you actually HAVE a woman. You go home smelling like this and she'll probably RIP YOU you're OWN va-jay-jay!!! LOL

Who not only thought of this, but WHO would agree to package and market this??? ROFLMBO!