I started my chemo again on Friday (they held it for one week) and I am SOOOOO tired! I mean more than ever before. Normally my third day after taking it (monday) is my "tired day". Now it's been all weekend. I went to bed late last night, but not late for me. It's my normal bedtime. Then i got up about 9 this morning for church, walked into the living room, saw Amelia eating breakfast at the dining room table, asked her if she was ok, told her I loved her, went pee, then went right back to bed. I didn't wake anyone else up for church I just did a u-turn and went back to bed. I then woke up at 3:30 this afternoon. And I probably could've kept on sleeping if I didn't feel so guilty! I feel bad for not going to church. I know I/we need it and when the rest of the family doesn't care too much once in a while, Maddie gets crushed when she misses church. Absolutely crushed. She loves church. She loves Jesus. And she wants to be there every single time she can be. Bless her heart. That's one of the things I love most about her and want to foster in her. I pray that God keeps that special place in her heart, because I've always felt he has big plans for her. She has a heart of gold and is so obedient. So helpful and just wants to help other people. I'd hate for her to fall into the world someday and say "My life would've turned out better if only my mom had taken me to church *sigh*, but she would always sleep till 3 in the afternoon on Sundays." LOL

Now I have to find some energy somewhere to go to the grocery store because we've got nuttin. bummer.