I slept through my comeback performance y'all!

My soft spot for Britney Spears has hardened. OMG! Could she have been any worse at the VMA's tonight??? If you missed it, let me tell you....she was HORRIBLE. She was glaze-eyed and stumbling through the whole thing. She looked half-asleep and hardly moved. She kept having to readjust her footing and a few times she even appeared to forget the words she was lip-synching!

I mean how many times do you have to be given another chance before it's time for some tough-love? She can't be enabled and handled with velvet gloves anymore. She was given a H-U-G-E chance for a career comeback...to be given a new single and let to open the video music awards.....and she spit all over it. I would be kissing the ground and shaping my act up in a huge way! Just so sad.

AND THE HAIR??? Come on Britney!!! WEAVE IT ALONE GIRL!!! It's short, it's long, it's blonde, it's brunette. You're gonna fry the new hair you're growing since your drunk butt shaved it off!!!

Enough is enough. If it's not getting any better than we need to just stop watching...it's like gawking at a fatal car accident.