"Mommy, I just lost ANOTHER tooth!" I heard Amelia shout from the back of the van.

"ANOTHER tooth??? You mean TWO???" I responded since just a few hours before on the same road trip she had already lost one.

"Yes!!! TWO!!! The tooth fairy has to come TWICE tonight!!!"

"You're gonna be rolling in the money lucky!" Maddie half-pouted. "I STILL haven't gotten money for my MOLAR that fell out yesterday!"

"It's only two teeth Maddie, it's not like I'm gonna be rich or anything! That's only like a DOLLAR."

"Yeah Maddie...how much do you think the tooth fairy actually pays these days???" I said.

"Yeah but she lost TWO of them in like FOUR HOURS!!!"

"What? Do you think she get a TIME BONUS or something???"

"Well, YEAH...and I should get more money too because it was MY FIRST MOLAR that fell out...I should get way more than normally since it was a molar and it was my first one!"

"Geez you little scheisters! I can't believe you're trying to bargain with the tooth fairy!!!"