My new BFF

Let me introduce you to my new BFF. Her name is Chantix. That's right...Chantix. She has possibly saved my husband's life. She has made my home (and my man) smell sooooo much better. And the money she's saved me!!!

For those of you not familiar with this new drug....this is the new miracle-causing, wonder-drug in the quit-smoking arena. It supposedly has an AMAZINGLY high success three times higher than other things they offer. The problem is that it's normally very expensive (around $350.00 for the 12-week course) so we weren't holding our breath of ever trying it....but then our hospital decided to get on the smoking ban wagon and has banned any and all tobacco use on their property and/or on paid company time. People were furious, so to help out they started offering the 12-week course to any employee and their family Scott jumped on it. He has smoked since he was about 15 years old...that's 20 years. That's a long time and so I was afraid of the fight that was coming....but alas, there has been nary a fight. It has been wonderful. Within a week he was down to about two cigs a day. Then after a few weeks it was one cigarette ever COUPLE of days. He'd take a hit and put it out claiming that it tasted nasty and he just couldn't do it. We're about ten weeks into it now and the other day I was afraid we had a set-back.

It was Sunday and we had a major fight. Pretty ugly. Details don't matter, but the jist of the story is this.... the kids and I left afterwards to drive to Columbus to pick Courtney up from Maribel. We, of course after the argument, left Scott at home...our official cooling off-so that we'll call each other saying "miss you babe", "no I miss you babe..." time. In the back of my mind I K-N-E-W that he would be thinking I was hours away and he was heading straight to the store to buy smokes. Well, after seven hours of driving I stumbled in at midnight...did the kiss & hug making up thing and as soon as he left the room I headed straight to all his normal hiding spots to check for contraband....and OF COURSE!!! There was a brand-new pack of Newports in his jacket pocket...he didn't even try to hide them which makes me believe in my heart of hearts that he wanted to be found out! :) So I immediately took the whole-kit-and-caboodle and hid them from him! Of course I expected within an hour or so to have another argument when he discovered that I had gaffled his stash....but guess what? It never came. That was Sunday's now officially Wednesday and he's never even mentioned them! He's alot like me and sees pretty-much everything, so I know that he's undoubtedly noticed...but he hasn't said anything. That's so awesome. I think he's going to totally kick this habit in the butt. I'm so happy.....

I may have pouted because he's not a gift-buyer...there wasn't much for Christmas, birthday, valentines day, etc..... but if he keeps on this path it will be the biggest and best gift he could ever offer, our kids....and especially himself. Thank you chantix...and thank you Scott for being my hero. You've been willing to stare the devil in the face and do one of the hardest things you'll ever do in your life. I am SO PROUD OF YOU and it's made me respect and love you more than ever. You rock. xoxoxoxo