What to do now???

I've been procrastinating blogging for a couple of weeks now because I had so much to talk about but I've been REALLY sick so just haven't felt like it. But I'm gonna drop a couple lines tonight so that everyone interested can say a couple of prayers for me. Tonight my car got repossessed!!! Well, I volunarily let it go back, but it doesn't look any different on your credit when it comes down to it. I have been toying with the idea for some time now and even spoke to some of you about my thoughts, but hadn't really made up my mind yet. Well, the decision was made tonight for me! What saddens me is that they had known my thoughts and I was very willing to work with them, but yet they didn't give me a heads up or anything....they just showed up and knocked on the door (at least they did that). He said "I've been trying to get it at your work all week, but could never find it there." I replied, "well I sure am glad that you didn't leave me stranded at work! It was better to let me know." I can't imagine. So anyways...I'm not upset at all about it...really I'm not. It's a HUGE relief and have been thinking about it for quite some time. I couldn't fit all of my family in it anymore and the payments were $500.00 every month plus insurance...just too much. But because they didn't let me come turn it in and just came and took it when they heard my thoughts...now I'm stranded. Enterprise is supposed to come in the morning to bring my rental car for a day or so. Being so sick and calling off the last several weeks has left me with NO extra cha-ching...so I don't know what I'm doing at this moment in time.

I have no doubt that it's all going to be fine. God knows I have to work. And I can always tell when it's the right thing because I have an overwhelming sense of peace about everything. Sometimes things will happen in my life and I'm just up-in-arms about them. Stressed, sick, angry, etc. But just like (and I hate to compare it) when the evil one went to jail...most people would've been falling apart at the seams but I had this amazing composure and peace that came over me...I just knew it was going to be ok.

So anyways...please continue to send good thoughts, prayers and energy my way. Pray for me and I'll pray for you. Thanks guys.