Hell week of Oct/06

I'm finally starting to feel better! HALLELUJAH!!!!! We've all had some kind of cold/flu/bronchitis thing going on for a week now and it's been miserable. I called off work all week...which was wonderful...but I wish I didn't spend it sick. Other than that there isn't a whole lot new going on here...it's the beginning of "hell week". Courtney's hormones are so strong they're smacking me in the face from across the room! This is the one week every month that to say she acts like a big ol' biz-natch would be a huge understatement!!!! lol Pray for me or I might not be able to make it to my bachelorette party because I'll be in need of bail money! lol Today she kept calling my phone while I was sleeping saying she wanted to come home from school (because she woke up late and couldn't do her hair, so suddenly she was "sick"). After telling her NO numerous times and also in a text message I turned off my ringer. GUESS WHAT SHE HAD THE NERVE TO DO??? OH YES SHE DID GIRL!!! She told the school nurse that she couldn't get ahold of me and so she called Joleen (who's on her emergency card) and had Joleen come get her from school!!!! So I had to drive out to Joleens this afternoon to get my "sick" daughter! I was so irritated with her...and then she spends the evening having the nerve to actually say the word "NO" to me when I tell her to do her chores. Ooooooh child! She's ready to be beat down!

Other than that...not much else going on. Can't wait to see everyone this weekend and have some girl time. Don't want to back to work on Thursday. Or ever actually. But what else is new right? :)