Thank you card

This morning we woke up at what seemed like the butt-crack of dawn (at least for this family! lol) and our enterprise rental car was here to pick us up at 9:00. We immediately hit the road for what we thought was going to be a long, hard day of finding a new vehicle and arranging financing, insurance, etc. It never fails to amaze me how gracious God is even when we get ourselves into the same old mess. I just have to crawl before him singing "oops I did it again" like Brittney Spears and admitting that...yes indeed, those are my fingerprints all over the crime scene Lord... and yet he is merciful. Dissapointed, maybe...but merciful...and loving...and gracious. As we drove down the road towards the bank Scott & I held hands and prayed over our situation yet again...apologizing to the Lord for not being good stewards of the gifts he's given...repenting for having a poor financial testimony...asking for mercy and earnestly and honestly promising to do better. God knows my heart...and my true hearts desire is to be God-honoring, even when I screw it up. God is so good. Even when we aren't.

By 10:00 we had found the perfect it was sitting there just waiting for us to pick it up. Oh, we test-drove a second van just to pretend like we cared but we knew right away that we were taking the first one. It was good looking, in really good shape, not bad mileage, etc. By 11:00 we had the financing complete and the paperwork signed. By 11:30 I was home and on and by noon or so I was back in bed trying to take a nap. Everything went seamlessly. Too easy almost. I kept waiting for the other shoe to just couldn't have been that good. But it was. And the day continued to go that good. Needs were met out of nowhere. Kids behaved. D-A-R-R-E-N behaved!

The reason that I'm sharing all of this certainly isn't to brag about getting off the hook, or say "hey, look what I got", etc. It's to say... GOD IS SO GOOD. No, I don't deserve a second chance...not in any area of my life...but none of us do...

that's the whole point.

That's always been the point.

He is good just because he is good. And he rewards obedience. And he delights when we handle things biblically and when we seek to do the God-honoring thing even when we're trying to clean up our own mess. He loves us. He loves me. He loves you. You can't earn that love. It's a gift. A beautiful second (and third, and fourth...) chance wrapped in a bow. Thank you Lord...and I'm not just talking about today.