Snow baby

Brrrrrrrr! I'm freezing over here! This having to walk to the bus stop every morning business is for the birds!!! LOL Here I am literally FORCING my butt out of bed and the mere thought of having to go out in the cold is dreadful enough... but then actually having to WALK and then STAND THERE waiting for the bus?!?!?! Yeah, whatever!!! lol My outside in the winter routine pretty much consists of walk out door, walk to car. LOL

This morning it was about 20 degrees (plus wind-chill mind you) and snow was blowing in our faces and I'm pretty much growling under my breath and secretly mumbling every cuss word you can find when I hear the sweetest little innocent angel voice say, "mommy don't you just LOVE the snow?" And instantly I felt bad. I really do hate to be out in the cold and snow but I've also forgotten so much of the magic. I remember being a little girl and being taken with the beauty and magic of snow. I'd play outside for hours building snowforts, sledding, snowball fights, snowmen, etc. Now I've turned into a cranky old snow-hater! heehee

So because I never want to take that wide-eyed innocent view she has of the world I put on my happy face and smiled. I then looked at her and said "No.... mommy hates the snow." hahahahaha I really did, but I said it with a smile on my face! heehee I started laughing then and said "mommy's just kidding....the snow is pretty cool huh?" And with that she was off on a tangent about how cool the snow was and all the neat things you could do when it snows. And she's right. I hope my children enjoy every second of the winter.... that's what living in northern Ohio is about in the winter....making cool memories that you can always remember and say "boy the winters when I was little were great! We had so much snow!" Yeah, whatever. BAH HUMBUG! ;)

Up top there is a picture I took standing at her bus stop with her in the snow.... beautiful! And I don't just mean the snow. :)